The Libyan Desert is that part of the Sahara characterized by immense sand dunes extending into eastern Libya, northern Sudan and western Egypt. The Egyptian side is 681,000 sq/km and is inhabited by 2% of the population, mainly of Berber origin or descendants of the Arab Bedouins.

The oasis of Siwa is located where this desert begins, approximately 300 km south of the Mediterranean coast. Leaving Cairo, via Alexandria, you travel about 500 km along the highway to Marsa Matruh. You can reach Marsa Matruh by plane thanks to an international airport; during the summer months there are direct flights to and from Cairo. Once you have reached Marsa Matruh, you head away from the Mediterranean coast advancing into the desert
for about 300 km on a comfortable surfaced road that seems to have been drawn as a long straight line to Siwa.

Siwa can also be reached via charter flights to a nearby (40 km) airport, capable of catering for international flights.

In Egypt there is a highly developed network of coaches, taxis, rent-a-car and aero-taxis. On request the Resort can arrange bookings for transport.

The oasis of Siwa can be the chosen venue for a relaxing holiday during which to appreciate the natural beauties of the place and visit the archaeological sites, in the pleasant and comfortable setting offered by the Resort. At the same time Siwa is the most important stopover of the oasis tour. From here departs the route that leads to Baharia, Farafra, Kharga and Dahla.

The tour is scheduled to return to Siwa, but we can easily arrange a return directly to Cairo.
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